When Should Walnuts Be Harvested?

Those who want to grow walnuts will need to make sure to know when exactly to harvest them. You will of course have to check for ripeness before harvesting your walnuts and there is a certain way to go about doing this. You will first need to wait until walnuts that have split hulls start to appear on the ground. After you have observed the walnuts with split hulls, you will then have to crack open at least two or three of them in order to make sure that they are ripe.

You will know that your walnuts are completely ready to be harvested when the tissue that is located between the kernel and the shell has fully turned a brown color. After you have confirmed this, you can begin gathering the walnuts. There are a couple different ways to go about doing this; you can gather them from the ground as they begin to fall or you can shake the tree until you are able to dislodge all of them. Both of these are good ways to go about harvesting walnuts, though the latter method may be a little bit better for the impatient.

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