Is Ketchup Gluten Free?

Gluten, which gets it’s name from the Latin word for glue, it a protein composite found in foods which are processed from wheat and certain related species of grain. It helps give dough some it’s elasticity.

For most people, the presence of gluten in food products is of little concern. However, people with Celiac Disease must take care to avoid foods containing gluten. The disease causes the immune system to have an adverse reaction to gluten which can be deadly.

But the important question today is: Does ketchup contain gluten?

Like the answer to so many food questions, the answer is it depends.

Some ketchup brands are gluten free, while others are not. If you stick to the ones that you know do not contain gluten, you’ll be safe.

Heinz claims on their website that all of their ketchups, with the exception of their organic ketchup, are gluten free.

Del Monte ketchups are also gluten free.

Hunt’s ketchup, on the other hand, contains distilled vinegar and may contain gluten, so it’s best to avoid.

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