How Long Can Raspberries Be Frozen For?

Freezing fruits can be a great way to enjoy them throughout the year, even when they are not in season. It is well known that when frozen, most perishable food items will last much longer than at room temperature or simply in the refrigerator. However, nothing lasts forever, even in the freezer.

So how long can raspberries be frozen for?

Quite a long time, actually!

Raspberries can be safely stored in their frozen state for 12-18 months, so long as they are not allowed to thaw at any point. It is not recommended to ever eat raspberries that have been frozen for more than 18 months, however, as they will start to go bad after that point.

One thing that’s important to do is to write on the package the date when they were frozen, so in the future you’ll know whether they are still good or not.

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