What Is The Difference Between Oranges, Tangerines, and Clementines?

Both clementines and tangerines are types of mandarins. The tangerine is commonly referred to by botanists as a “citrus tangerine” and can be confused with an orange because of its color, but it does have different citrus properties. Clementines are known as “Citrus reticulata”. It has a leathery rind as well as the oily cells of a mandarin orange. Perhaps one of the most glaring differences between tangerines and the clementines is that the latter can be peeled rather easily while tangerines are typically much more difficult to peel.

Another one of the differences between these fruits is that tangerines contain a significantly higher amount of carbohydrates than clementines do. Clementines actually have certain health properties which may lead to the relief of certain emotional problems such as stress and anxiety as well as feelings of tension. Tangerines are actually the most common form of mandarin orange available today. The inner flesh of the tangerine is very juicy, sweet, and aromatic. Perhaps one of the most distinct differences between a clementine and a tangerine is that a clementine is essentially a hybrid fruit which is a cross between an orange and a tangerine, whereas a tangerine is a citrus fruit and also a type of mandarin.

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