Do Peaches Float In Water?

One long-running myth about peaches is that they are able to float when put in water; however the truth is that because they are such a high-density fruit they cannot.

There are however a number of other fruits and vegetables that can float when they are put in water, but it all has to do with the density of the particular fruit. Those who try to put a peach on top of water will notice that they sink right down because they are simply too high-density inside.

This is one myth that has existed for quite a bit, though it holds no truth whatsoever.

8 thoughts on “Do Peaches Float In Water?

  1. Yup…peaches float…did an experiment with my grade 5 class after reading James &the Giant Peach by Ronald Dahl …both fresh &salt water….hum???

  2. Hahahahaha. I was JUST going to come and say that I was at my kid’s school and saw the results of a science experiment another class did saying that peaches DO in fact float, but it looks like someone beat me to it! 😀

  3. How do you explain the fact that some fruit graders which are used to grade peaches rely on the very notion that peaches float in water for it to operate? The Fruit bin is dunked in water, Fruit floats to the surface. Water jets push them into the grader.

  4. I put all my peaches in a bucket of water as I pick them. Some float, some sink. I was wondering if it is a sign of ripeness? The riper ones float? I don’t know.

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