Can Shrimp Shells Be Composted?

There are a lot of different things that can be composted and that include shrimp. Because shellfish shells such as shrink are filled with nitrogen, they are great for plants. Shellfish shells such as shrimp are much better for plants than fish waste because of their high levels of nitrogen which plants eat up; they also have certain other specialized nutrients which make them perfect for composting. Although it can be very beneficial for your plants when it comes to composting shrimp, you will want to be ready for all the vermin it is going to attract.

If you are going to compost shrimp, you will want to be ready for all sorts of mice and rats as well as raccoons to start visiting. Although shellfish is frequently composted by many professionals, those who try it in their backyard should be ready to deal with a whole lot of problems regarding animals such as raccoons as well as mice and rats to start hanging around. If you are planning on doing this, you might want to try getting a sealed bin.

By investing in a sealed bin which consists of recycled plastic and lining the bottom with hardware cloth, you might be able to keep your rodent problem under control. Also make sure that you mix together some leaves along with pulverized shells in order to make this as effective as possible. When you do this you will find that the result is very high quality compost because of the fact that the nitrogen which is in the shells helps to cook things down rather fast. Because of the sheer amount of nitrogen in these shells, you will have to add a lot of shreaded leaves to the mix in order to make a good-quality compost.

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