Should Raspberries Be Washed Before Freezing?

Although freezing fruits and vegetables, especially certain types of berries, can be a great way to enjoy season foods all year long, there are certain ways to freeze things that produce the best results.

One common practice for berries to to wash them before freezing. This is typically a good idea, but does it apply to all berries? Should raspberries be washed before freezing?

Actually, it does not apply to all berries! However, it is definitely a good idea for most, including raspberries. The only berries that should not be washed before freezing are blueberries and closely related berries such as saskatoons. This is because washing before freezing actually makes the skin tougher and they become less pleasant to eat that way.

So in short: yes, raspberries should be washed before freezing and so should all other berries except blueberries and saskatoons.

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