Can Pears Be Frozen?

Freezing fruits is a great way to preserve them and enjoy them well past the time when they would normally go bad. One of the big reasons to do this is that it allows you to enjoy seasonal fruits and vegetables all throughout the year, rather than only during the times when they are in season.

However, certain fruits respond better to the freezing process than others. Knowing which fruits can be frozen and which can’t is important in planning your future meals.

So what about pears? Can pears be frozen?

Yes, they can! However, there are a few things you should know before you start freezing your pears.

First of all, you should wait for the pears to ripen before you attempt to freeze them. Otherwise, you will disrupt the ripening process and this can lead to less than desirable results. Once your pears are fully ripened, peeling the skin off and slicing them up is the preferred method of freezing, rather than trying to freeze the whole pear. This will help to preserve the taste and texture, although you will probably still find that they lose firmness and become slightly mushy after they are thawed.

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