Can Oregano Oil Treat Acne?

Oregano is known for being an alternative medical solution for people with many different problems, including acne. Acne occurs when the pores become clogged with things like dirt, oil, and even dead skin fragments. The bacteria that start to build up as a result infects the tissue which ultimately results in pimples. Oil of oregano contains many different things which are important for a healthy overall body, including flavenoids, thymol, and carvacrol. All of these things can help to treat those who have acne problems by fighting the cellular degeneration which sometimes occurs in the skin. There are also a number of vitamins and nutrients in organo oil that can be helpful in fighting off acne and effectively treating it.

Those who are suffering from problems with acne and need a solution will definitely want to consider oil of oregano because of its many useful properties. It will be important to avoid using it directly on the skin, as this can easily cause irritation which you will want to avoid for obvious reasons. Instead you will need to dilute the oil with water before applying it to your skin. Although some recommend diluting this oil with another type of oil, doing this can clog the pores even more and potentially worsen your acne.

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