Should Asparagus Be Organic?

Because of the fact that asparagus does not face as many threats from certain pests as other vegetables do, there isn’t a whole lot of need to buy organic. With other vegetables that have pesticides used on them though, you will definitely want to think about spending a little bit more money and going organic. Those who are going about purchasing asparagus from the grocery store will want to make sure that they take the time to look for firm spears that have a sort of bright green and even purplish color to them.

Make sure that when you are in the grocery store trying to decide how much to buy that you should get around a ½ pound for every person you will be feeding. You will also want to try to buy asparagus spears that are all around the same size in terms of thickness and length so they will cook evenly. One of the most important things to do is to refrigerate your asparagus when you get it home from the store so it will keep for a while.

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