Is Butter High In Purines?

Butter is classified as a low purine food meaning it doesn’t have very much in it. Some of the other foods that are considered to be ‘low purine’ include mulk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, vegetables, cakes, noodles, pasta, bread, olives, crackers, and much more.

Those who have problems with gout will definitely want to consider going on a low purine diet because it will significantly lower uric acid levels in the body. Diet is undoubtedly an important part of controlling gout as well as other similar health problems. There are certain foods and beverages which are ideal to consume because they are categorized as being low purine. It is especially beneficial for those who have problems with gout.

2 thoughts on “Is Butter High In Purines?

  1. This answers the question but leaves part of the need behind the question unaddressed. Foods for a low-purine diet have three issues: (1) Purine content, (2) content that causes the body to produce its own purines, and (3) content that mitigate the previous two factors.

    Example: Certain types of nuts have low purine content, but their high fat content may cause the body to manufacture more of its own purines, and the resulting high caloric content may cause obesity that contributes to high uric acid levels. On the other hand, fiber content or the type of fat may partially mitigate the high caloric content.

    Example: Some beans have high purine content, but their complex carbohydrates and soluble fiber content may mitigate some of that.

    It’s tempting to focus on purine content, but for a given food, that may not be the most important factor.

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