Is Broccoli a Negative Calorie Food?

I guess that would depend on whether or not there actually are negative calorie foods. By definition, these would be foods that require more energy to process and digest than they provide in calories. If this were the case, we could lose many pounds of weight by eating things like broccoli, considering it takes 80 calories to digest the 25-calorie per serving food. It makes sense in theory, but thus far no studies have proven that this weight-loss approach actually works.

There is no doubt that eating a whole pound of your favorite green vegetable will leave you consuming a mere 100 calories and you’ll be completely satisfied and stuffed. And the fact that you consumed a low-calorie food that is known for being filling, not to mention the fact that it’s full of nutrients like iron and Vitamin C, will contribute to your overall physical health. But remember that for optimal benefits, you should eat this food as part of a healthy, mixed diet. While it hasn’t been proven that ingesting broccoli will, in and of itself, cause you to lose weight, as part of a healthy diet plan it is guaranteed to provide many of the things your body needs.

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