How Long Can Broccoli Last At Room Temperature?

Not long at all. While some people think that leaving this veggie out in the open improves the quality of taste, it will not improve its lifespan. Broccoli that isn’t cooked or cooled in any way will only last two days.

Your best bet is to refrigerate it or to take the correct steps toward storing it in your freezer. But of course, it’s perfectly fine to leave it out. It’s left out in the garden, isn’t it? And there are ways to tell if its going bad. Try feeling the stem. If it’s slippery, it’s bad. Look at the florets. If they’re yellow, they’re bad. And if anything seems questionable, simply take your knife and cut it out.

The good news is – you don’t hear about cases of people getting food poisoning because of bad broccoli.

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