Does Salmon Need To Be Washed Before Cooking?

First you will want to take the salmon you will be cooking and lay it on the kitchen counter. Make sure to thoroughly rinse the salmon under cold water in order to wash away any residual bacteria that may still be on the fish. Since this bacteria can be particularly harmful and sometimes even lethal, it will be important to wash the salmon very thoroughly. Keep rinsing out the salmon until the fish feels rough as opposed to slimy.

You will also want to make sure that you feel the fish for any bones that may still be inside, because the last thing you will want is to accidentally swallow one when you are eating the cooked salmon. After you have felt the fish for bones, you will need to turn off the water, allowing the salmon to drip into the kitchen sink until all of it has completely dripped off. Take the rinsed and carefully inspected salmon and put it onto a pan with tin foil. You are now ready to start cooking your fish.

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