Can Tomatoes And Potatoes Be Planted Together?

Those who want to plant tomatoes and potatoes together may find that they face certain challenges, but as long as you know how to go about doing this you should be able to avoid any major problems. One of the first things you will need to consider when trying to plant tomatoes and potatoes together is the season in which you plant them. It will be important to keep in mind that both tomatoes and potatoes grow best in the summer months, so you will definitely want to choose this time of the year to do that.

You will want to plant your tomatoes when it is still warm and your potatoes just before the last frost of the growing season. Those who plan on putting tomatoes and potatoes together will want to make sure to keep in mind that potatoes grow especially early, both the late and mid-season varieties. Because disease can easily become a problem with tomatoes, it will be important to plant yours in the right soil. Make sure that the soil you put your tomatoes in has not best hosted for potatoes or eggplant as this can cause some rather major problems with regards to disease.

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