Can Squid Kill You?

It is highly unlikely that the raw squid you eat will kill you, although you might find it to be a bit chewier than you might like. If the squid is not stored or prepared properly though, there can be certain bacteria on it which can contribute to food poisoning. Even those who suffer food poisoning rarely die from it though, unless it is an extremely rare form of bacteria such as lysteria.

It will be important to wash the squid that you bring home from the supermarket just to make sure that you do not experience any health problems as a result of eating it. Those who want to eat squid might want to consider baking or cooking it though, just so it will not be quite as tough and chewy. This way you will most likely be able to enjoy the taste even more. While some people like raw squid and fish, others prefer it to be fried up. How you go about preparing/eating your squid will depend on your own personal preferences.

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