Can Oregano Oil Raise Blood Pressure?

Oregano has actually been known to help people reduce their blood pressure, though so far there have been no scientific studies that can confirm this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Although oregano is usually seen on pizzas as a topping among other dishes, it can also act as an antioxidant and a way to keep blood pressure under control when consumed in large quantities.

Those who have excessively high blood pressure levels are at risk for a number of health problems, including chronic heart disease which is one of the most common killers across the country.

One thought on “Can Oregano Oil Raise Blood Pressure?

  1. I can say I began using an Oregano Oil spray in a glass of water each morning for 2 weeks now and while the blood pressure medication I’m trying with my doctor was not lowering my BP, the Oregano Oil appears to be doing just that. I went from 145/100 to 117/78 after a week of the Oregano Oil. Do not try this without letting your doctor know, though. Some drugs will interact with herbal supplements.

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