Can Garlic Increase Sperm Count?

Since there are such high levels of both selenium and allicin in garlic, it is ideal for increasing one’s sperm count. Other foods such as eggs, Brazil nuts, seafood, and many other types of food are good to eat when trying to increase sperm count. It is also important to get all of the right vitamins, nutrients, and minerals in order to ensure that your sperm count is as high as possible. Zinc and vitamin E are both great things to get more of when you are trying to increase sperm count because of the effect that they have on the body.

Zinc has been known to affect sperm motility and those who have a low level of it in their body can experience problems with conceiving a child. Selenium which is what garlic has so much of it also very important when it comes to boosting sperm count and motility. You can eat garlic raw, cook it, or even take garlic supplement capsules which can be purchased at some grocery stores and health food stores. Garlic supplements will be able to give you a little bit of everything, including what you need to start increasing your sperm count as soon as possible.

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