Can Asparagus Treat A Hangover?

Although there is said to be many supposed natural hangover cures, asparagus is perhaps one of the more effective options. This vegetable has certain key enzymes which are effectively able to break down alcohol after consuming a significant amount of it. One of the great things about asparagus for hangovers is that you can eat it before or after drinking and it will still most likely be effective at preventing that pounding headache which is associated with a night of heavy drinking.

This vegetable also has a number of amino acids as well as minerals which are important or numerous bodily functions. There has been a lot of research done on asparagus and the high amount of fiber along with vitamins A and C has been proven to be highly beneficial in a number of ways. Those who plan on drinking quite a bit but want to avoid getting a hangover in the morning will definitely want to at least consider eating asparagus before or after consuming the alcohol which can lead to some very unpleasant symptoms the next day.

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