Are Strawberries Bad For Dogs?

Although strawberries in general are not bad for dogs to eat, some of them can be allergic to them. This is why it is so important to make certain that you not feed them any just in case.

If you feel the need to give your dog strawberries, you will want to monitor how they are done immediately after, just in case. If your dog has any symptoms such as hives or labored breathing after consuming strawberries, you will need to take them to an emergency veterinarian office as soon as possible to get them looked at more thoroughly and treated.

One thought on “Are Strawberries Bad For Dogs?

  1. are strawberries bad for dogs se i have a golden shepherd all explain to those who don’t know it is a half german shepherd half golden retriever. she licked a strawberry she quivered as if she was struck by lightning. she is acting very sick and tired please get back to me regarding Gretta thanks so muck i might be over reacting but wen it comes to my pooch !

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