Are Strawberries Actual Berries?

Oh, that’s a tricky one! And chances are that what you have been taught our thought concerning the answer to this question is false. Kind of.

The classification of fruit has a few subcategories and amongst these you will find the berries. Part of the definition of berries is that they don’t split apart when they’re mature. And they’re not all tiny and sweet. You might be surprised to find that eggplants, tomatoes and avocados are classified as berries. But the strawberry is not!

It is known as a pseudo-carp, which means “false fruit”, which basically just means that’s a tricky little berry. It is part of a multiple fruit that has many little individual fruits on its flesh. Those little fruits are the specks that you see on the outsides of strawberries and they are the actual seeds. And therefore the actual fruits. Who knew strawberries could be so enigmatic?

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