Are Raspberries Bad For Cats?

Many pet owners love to give their dogs and cats a little taste of whatever they are eating, and the animals usually love it. However, there are some foods which should never be fed to certain pets, as they can be unhealthy, harmful, or even deadly.

What about raspberries? Are raspberries bad for cats?

Well, not really…but they aren’t very good for cats either.

You see, cats are actually carnivores, which means that their bodies are designed to get nutritional value exclusively from meats, rather than from fruits and vegetables. This means that things such as raspberries are not naturally part of a cat’s diet.

It’s not a bad thing to feed your cat a few raspberries now and then, but it definitely should not become a part of your cat’s regular diet. Not only will it not give them the nutritional value that they need, but in larger quantities, certain berries can give cats upset stomachs and diarrhea.

3 thoughts on “Are Raspberries Bad For Cats?

  1. My husband made lemon raspberry muffins from scratch, it is a healthy muffin, it had everything you would imagine and plain nonfat Greek yogurt. I heated one up tonight to eat in bed, where my 15 yr old cat Missy was lying. As soon as I walked in she was sniffing the air. When I sat down on the bed , she was trying to get into the bowl I had the muffin in. So I gave her a piece of the muffin that didn’t have a raspberry in it, she wolfed it down and looked for more. I was only giving her little bits , but I wasn’t quick enough and she put her paw up at me, telling me to hurry up. Missy ended up eating half of the muffin. We don’t know what it was that she loved the smell and taste of, don’t know of it was the raspberry or the yogurt in the muffins. Has anyone else had this happen with raspberry muffins or Greek yogurt?

  2. You know, my cat did the same thing but with a blueberry muffin! It was the weirdest thing, he would follow me around the house or swat at my hand if I was sitting down just to get a piece. I let him have a few bites, which he devoured, I’m sure he would have eat half of it as well if I let him. It was made from a box of blueberry muffin mix, so it didn’t have any Greek yogurt.

  3. My cats LOVE yogurt, especially blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and vanilla flavours. I adopted them from an elderly couple who tamed them (my “girls” or “fur kids/fur twins”, as I call them, were born feral and not used to people), and they suggested that I give the fur kids a small amount of yogurt to keep their gut bacteria balanced. I don’t give my girls an overly amount (no more than a tablespoon at a time) and they love to lick the containers. I love to watch their tongues lap up the yogurt from the plastic lids. They “inhale” that stuff like they don’t make it anymore.

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