Are Bananas High In Iron?

Bananas do in fact provide a significant source of iron and those who are lacking it in their bodies will want to eat as much of this fruit as possible. It will be important to make sure that you get the recommended amount of iron in your diet and bananas are a great and delicious way to do that.

Because bananas contain so much iron, they are able to replenish the hemoglobin in the blood, helping to fight off problems like anemia. Those who are anemic will certainly want to consider eating bananas, not only because of their ability to help those with this condition but also because of their overall nutritional value.

One thought on “Are Bananas High In Iron?

  1. Yes, Bananas are delicious and also as you would of course know they also have are a great source of potassium. My potassium was very low and my doctor suggested eating more bananas.

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