Will Strawberry Plants Produce Fruit in the First Year?

Some varieties, like the ever-bearing and day-neutrals, will produce a small crop the first year you grow them. June-bearing plants, however, do not. After you first plant them, remove all the flowers as well as the fruit up until July 1. This will encourage the plant to direct its energy toward forming strong roots and it will bring you more fruit the following year. Doing this with the ever-bearing and day-neutral plants will bring you a small crop to harvest in the later part of summer.

For the best berries, be sure to plant them in a location that gets lots of sunlight most of the day. Plant them in the spring and keep the soil fertilized when the blossoms can be seen on the plants. And weed like a crazy person – fight them like they’re your enemy because they are. They can take your garden over and ruin those strawberries faster than many things. And be kind to your plants – use mulch and/or straw to protect them from cold. If you take these precautions, you’ll be sure to get the best little crop you can the first year and even bigger ones for three to eight years later.

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