Will Broccoli Regrow After Harvest?

Most plants, once harvested, are done growing for the year. But some, if harvested correctly, can end up being the gift that keeps on giving. You may have already planted some broccoli, or maybe you’re considering it, and you’re wondering about this question. Well, you’ve asked the right people.

Yes. Broccoli can be re-harvested. You’ll have to harvest the crown before it grows to full size, but if you do this you can often get three or four cuttings. It’s important to harvest before it grows full size, because, although it will grow out a head to replace it, it will only be a small one. Once the main crown is cut, the rest of the plant will continue to produce small florets. If you’re in an area with a mild winter, you may be able to continue this practice far into the season. However, if you experience a deep freeze you’ll have to plant your broccoli again, starting over the following year.

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