Will Blueberries Raise Blood Sugar?

Numerous studies have actually proven that blueberries can reduce blood sugar levels as well as serve a number of other health benefits. Those who regularly eat blueberries as part of their daily diet typically have a lower blood sugar levels. Many doctors suggest that people do things such as put blueberries in their breakfast cereal as well as mix them into fruit salads and other foods for the added health benefits. Those who are concerned with their blood sugar levels will certainly want to think about adding more blueberries to their daily diet.

There have been recent studies which have concluded that consuming more phenolic compounds which are present in this particular fruit could lead to enhancing insulin sensitivity which could be beneficial for a number of people. This means that those who consume blueberries more often will be able to turn the sugar in their body into energy much faster than before.

You will find that there are many other benefits to eating blueberries on a regular basis, such as combating the aging process which includes arthritis and an unhealthy urinary tract. Blueberry consumption has also been linked to better vision, reversing the causes of blindness, and fighting infection altogether. These are important things to do and blueberries have certain properties that are ideal for these types of health benefits. In a recent study where a group of people with insulin resistance had to drink blueberry smoothies each day, the results were promising. Scientists and doctors alike are also starting to recognize the health benefits of blueberries as a way of treating obesity as well, another serious health problem in places all around the world.

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