When Is Garlic Ripe To Pick?

Those who plan on growing their own garlic will need to know when it is ripe and ready to be harvested. Once the garlic has been picked, the base of the leaves will begin to form layers around the head of the garlic. Over the course of the summer the leaves will eventually start to brown and completely fall off. It’s important to understand that if you harvest your garlic too early it will not end up being ready.

Those who leave it too late will find that too many leaves have died off, making for a lack of protection for the garlic and it will therefore not store well at all. If you have been thinking about growing your own garlic, you will also want to consider the fact that you shouldn’t leaving it on the ground after you’ve picked it. While it is true that garlic needs quite a bit of sun to grow properly, too much of it can cause the taste to be dampened.

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