The amazing Spirulina health benefits

Spirulina is a type of natural powder that is rich in protein and other essential nutrients.

For many years, it has been a potent source of nutrients especially if it is harvested direct from non-contaminated water ponds. There are many Spirulina health benefits because of the essential amino acids and proteins contained in it. Nutritional experts and professionals recommend it for vegetarians because of the high iron content in it.

Spirulina is a natural powder with the best health boosting qualities. For starters, 65% of it is pure protein and amino acids. It also contains other essential fatty acids such as gamma linolenic. This type of acid is good for the body because of its anti inflammatory properties. The results are more positive and effective if you take Spirulina with Omega 3 supplements. Spirulina health benefits cannot be doubted because of its richness in Chlorophyll. This gives it an upper hand when it comes to the removal of toxins from the blood. Yet on the face of it, a higher concentration of chlorophyll enables the powder to boost the immune system of the body. When the powder is harvested straight from bodies of waters, the concentration of bio iron is high. Bio iron is very essential especially for pregnant women. It reduces the high risk of constipation and anemia. According to researches and studies carried out by professionals, Spirulina is a great source of many essential nutrients that are necessary for a healthy body.

Apart from Vitamin C, the powder can supply the body with Vitamin B-1, B-3, B-6, vitamin A and vitamin E. On the other hand, it is equally a good source of minerals such as chromium, iron, potassium and calcium. The high concentration of calcium makes it ideal for children, expectant mothers and the elderly. There are also other studies that have linked it with the ability to cure allergic reactions.

Phosphorous is a very essential mineral that is readily available in Spirulina. This is a clear indication that it can strengthen the teeth. There is also emerging evidence that has proved the effectiveness of this powder in radiation therapy or radioactivity exposure.

People who are making huge strides to burn fats or cut weight can also benefit from Spirulina. It has the necessary ingredients which help to speed up fat burning during exercise. The best Spirulina is the organic type because the other types are known to contain additives or nitrate compounds.

This powder is increasingly becoming one of the best ways to improve the overall health of the body as well as the immune system.

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