Should Asparagus Be Stored In Water?

It is very important that you know how to properly store the asparagus that you bring home for the supermarket so it will keep as long as possible. The first thing you will want to do is to line up all of your asparagus spears on a cutting board and take off the end pieces; they tend to be extremely rough and are not very good for eating or cooking. After you cut these pieces off you can feel free to throw them out altogether.

Keep in mind that the larger part of the spears at the top is in fact edible. After you have trimmed the spears you will then need to fill a glass with cold water and make sure that the glass is wide enough so that all of the spears will fit in at the same time. Making sure that the cut ends are fully submerged, you can start putting the spears into the glass o water. The final step is to simply put the glass with the asparagus spears in the refrigerator so that the water remains cold and the asparagus will keep for a while. If you want to you can also put your asparagus in the freezer, though it is recommended that you blanch the spears before doing this.

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