Should Asparagus Be Mulched?

Those who are going about growing asparagus should make sure that they mulch their plants every single spring with at least a couple inches of compost; you can also choose decayed livestock manure as it tends to work just as well. Keep in mind that asparagus will use up all of the nutrients that you provide for it, so it will be extremely important to make sure it gets mulched at the beginning of the growing season.

Those who mulch their asparagus plants in the spring will ensure that the soil it is growing in is nice and moist as well as reducing weed seed germination which is another very crucial step. Although you will most likely not have to worry about pests becoming a problem for your asparagus plants, you will need to know under which conditions it grows best. You will definitely want to make sure that your asparagus plants get full sunlight as they do not tend to do well in partial shade like some other plants. As long as you provide your asparagus with the right soil, enough nutrients, and sufficient sunlight, you should not experience any problems with growing it.

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