Is Watermelon Bad For Cats?

If you own a cat, then you surely know how nosy they can be, and how much they want to get a taste of whatever they see you eating. For the most part, it’s completely fine to give your cat some of your “human food”, but there are certain cases where giving some foods to animals can be dangerous or even deadly.

But what about with watermelon? Is watermelon bad for cats?

No, it’s not!

Watermelon is a perfectly safe food to feed to cats, as long as it’s not too much or too often. It’s important to remember that cats are actually carnivores, and things like fruits and vegetables are not a natural part of their diet and don’t contain all of the nutrition that they need. Also, it’s probably best to avoid letting your cet eat the seeds, as some sources claim that the seeds can be poisonous to certain animals.

If your cat really seems to like watermelon and wants it all the time, he or she may simply be craving the water contained in the melon so if that is the case you should be sure that your cat has access to enough clean drinking water.

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