Is Tuna Good For You?

Tuna is widely considered to be one of healthier types of fish that you can eat because of the many different vitamins and minerals it contains, such as protein and omega-3 fats which are especially good at improving various brain functions. Tuna can also help with inflammatory issues such as acne and gout because of the numerous compounds it has in it. Although it is true that some tuna contains a significant amount of mercury, there are many redeeming nutritional qualities which you will find attractive in this particular type of fish.

Those who want to stay on a healthy balanced diet will definitely want to consider eating more tuna on a regular basis. It will however be important to make certain that you do not eat too much tuna as it could lead to problems with mercury toxicity over time. You will also want to make a point of buying tuna that is canned in water instead of oil as the former is much better for you.

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