Is Tuna Bad For Cats?

Tuna is essentially considered to be poisonous for cats, so you will want to avoid giving any to your feline pet. Because this particular type of fish has lots of fatty acids that oxidize and destroy vitamin E, they are considered to be bad for these animals because they can cause a condition that is known as “steatites” or yellow fat disease. In order to avoid this entirely with your cat it will be important to not give them any tuna at all, even if it is just a little bit. Another reason why you will want to avoid giving your cat tuna is because it tends to contain quite a bit of mercury which over time can cause problems with neurological damage.

Those who feed their cat a steady diet of tuna as a primary food will risk exposing them to an excessive amount of mercury which can cause a whole variety of health issues. Instead it will be important to make sure that they get normal cat food which is what they should be eating. In significant enough quantities over time tuna can actually prove to be quite fatal for cats, so you will want to avoid giving it to them at all costs.

Another problem which can arise from giving your cat too much tuna is a vitamin B1 deficiency which can also cause certain neurological problems that can be painful and difficult for your cat to deal with. While your cat may enjoy the taste of tuna fish, it is highly recommended that you not give it to them. And although it is true that there are many beneficial things about eating tuna for humans, this is not the case with cats. It lacks the essential amino acids such as taurine which help to keep cats healthy as a whole.

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