Is Tuna A Shellfish?

Tuna is not classified as a shellfish but rather a salt water sea fish which comes from the family Scombridae and originates from the genus Thunnus.

So although sometimes tuna is served with certain shellfish in restaurants, it is not a shellfish itself. Tuna has a white-colored flesh and the muscle tissue of this fish can range from pink to dark red depending on the specific type. Tuna is a saltwater fish and it has an overwhelmingly high commercial demand and it is fished all around the world. Despite the fact that tuna is so popular, this particular type of fish is actually spread out in oceans all over the world.

There are many different kinds of tuna, each with its own defining physical characteristics and taste, including yellowfin tuna and white albacore tuna which is commonly found in a can. Tuna is widely considered to be one of the more common and popular types of non-shellfish seafood to be eaten in the U.S and indeed around the world because of its appealing taste and availability.

Although canned tuna can be cheap and delicious, it doesn’t offer the same nutritional benefits as fresh yellowfin does, so you will need to keep that in mind when trying to make a final decision as to what you should get from the grocery store.

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