Is Tuna A Good Diet Food?

Tuna is typically considered to be a good diet food because it is a source of lean protein and only has 109 calories for a 3 oz. serving size. This particular type of fish only has 3g of fat in it as well, which is yet another reason why it is highly liked by those who are on a diet. No matter what diet you are on you should be able to eat tuna because of the fact that it does not have very many calories at all in it. You will find that that tuna has many other nutritional benefits, such as lots of vitamin B12 along with protein and selenium.

One relatively small serving of tuna comprises 25 percent of the daily recommended amount of niacin in one’s diet, so that is something else to consider when you are in the process of looking for good diet foods. Those who take the time to look at some of these foods will end up finding healthy replacements for junk foods that only contribute to weight gain.

You will also want to make sure that you avoid tuna that is canned in oil because of the fact that it adds a whopping 59 calories per serving. Instead you will want to go for fresh tuna or tuna that is canned in water. Those who enjoy eating tuna and are on a diet will want to limit how much they eat because of the fact that it tends to be high in mercury and can cause serious health problems if enough of it is ingested over time.

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