Is Salmon Bad For Gout?

There are quite a few things that can act as risk factors for developing problems with gout including certain foods, among them salmon. This particular type of fish is considered to be high in purines which are suspected to be a contributing cause of gout or at least a risk factor. Some of the other foods that are moderately high in purines includes grouse, anchovies, turkey, partridge, trout, kidneys, mutton, and more.

Because these foods are only moderately high in purines, you do not need to worry about avoiding them completely but rather limiting your consumption of them. Some of the foods that people who are already at risk for gout will need to avoid completely include smelt, sardines, sweetbreads, herring, yeast, and mussels. These are all foods which are very high in purines which can cause problems later on down the line for those who are at risk for gout.

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