Is Pork Naturally Salty?

You will find that there are at least small traces of salt in just about everything that you eat, including pork. Pork is one of the many naturally salty foods.

Some of the other foods that are naturally salty include canned tuna, olives, dill pickles, capers, brined meats, and canned tomatoes. Pork is also naturally low in sodium, making it a good type of meat to include in your diet on a semi-regular basis.

Because pork has quite a bit of fat on it, you will need to make sure that you cut it off before cooking and eating it.

One thought on “Is Pork Naturally Salty?

  1. In the first paragraph it says pork is naturally salty, and then in the next paragraph it says it’s naturally low in sodium. Unless you’re referring to some other kind of salt like KCl, salty means high in sodium. Also, most of your list of naturally salty foods (pickles, olives, capers, brined meats) are prepared foods, and thus are not natural. I think whoever wrote this hadn’t had their morning coffee yet.

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