Is Oregano Poisonous To Cats?

Anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that they always show up when you are eating and are not shy about showing their interest. For the most part it’s perfectly fine to give your cat a taste of your food, there are some foods which are unhealthy or just plain dangerous for cats to eat.

But what about oregano? Is oregano poisonous to cats?

No, it’s not!

Oregano is an herb that most cats enjoy smelling and chewing on, and won’t harm them at all. It is uncommon for a cat to actually eat the oregano, but even if they do it’s still perfectly safe.

There are many other herbs which cats enjoy, such as parsley and basil.

HOWEVER! Be careful with the use of Oregano Essential Oils! … see comments below.

4 thoughts on “Is Oregano Poisonous To Cats?

  1. I Just wanted to leave a comment about my experience with oregano and cats. A week ago, I applied a few drops of oregano oil mixed with olive oil on my cat due to a skin condition (she did not ingest). Within 15 minutes, she vomit, and fell limp to the floor with very shallow breathing. I rushed her to the vet where she stayed for two days while on an IV to flush the toxin from her system. I feel the need to post this to at least make others aware. If it worked for you, great but not worth the risk in my opinion.

  2. Rachel, Normally there’s no harm in adding a small amount of oregano to your pet’s food if you think that it might help (It is believed that Oregano has some effectiveness against certain bacteria.), but in general I wouldn’t recommend it.

    However, there is a BIG difference with using Oregano essential Oils ! Beware of using ANY product marketed for cats with essential oils and especially tea tree oils.
    They are toxic and not at all safe! Essential oils which contain phenols are particularly toxic to cats and cause liver damage. These include oregano, thyme, eucalyptus, clove,
    cinnamon, bay leaf, parsley and savory.

    Even when you just apply the oil to the skin, they are likely to lick it and might even end up with burns on their tongue or mouth. So better not do that indeed.

  3. My kitten was eating oregano in my garden. In the night, she was vomiting a rope of green stuff. Then she was berserk, as if she had eaten super catnip. She could only hop, not walk. I had to put her out because she was so crazy. In the morning she was very drowsy. It could have been another plant, but the one I saw her eat was oregano. Anyone have an idea?

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