Is Oregano An Antibiotic?

Oregano has a number of antibiotic properties and characteristics which can be beneficial to the human body in a number of ways. This herb can be eaten in salads or consumed as an oil. Upon further examination of the ingredients which are found in oregano, it is no wonder why it has so many different properties that can be used in alternative medicine. Oregano can also act as a powerful antihistamine solution for those who struggle with allergies. This herb has also been proven to help boost the immune system and protect it against toxins which when entered into the body can be quite dangerous.

Thymol is one of the most beneficial ingredients in oregano and it is what can contribute to the strengthening of your immune system when consumed in significant amounts. The carvacrol in this particular herb is also what makes it a very powerful antibiotic with amazing capabilities to heal and help people with a variety of health problems. The rosmarnic acid in the plant makes it a better alternative than even vitamin E when it comes to a strong antioxidant.

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