Is Lobster Safe During Pregnancy?

It is safe for women who are pregnant to eat lobster as long as they do so in moderation. It is considered to be a low-mercury type of seafood when it is consumed in the amount of 6 ounces a week or less. Some of the other types of low-mercury fish that pregnant women will be able to eat in moderate amounts include Pollock, flounder, shrimp, fish sticks, and catfish.

The reason that it is important to eat lobster in moderation is because it can contain a significant amount of mercury due to the bottom-dwelling organisms it eats on a regular basis which may contain a certain amount of mercury. Canned albacore tuna is also acceptable for pregnant women to eat because it too does not contain a significant amount of mercury. Those pregnant women who like to eat seafood will want to make sure that they only eat certain types of fish that do not have a lot of mercury in them.

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