Is Crab Meat Safe During Pregnancy?

Crab meat is one of the safer types of seafood to eat when you are pregnant, mostly because it does not contain nearly as much mercury as other kinds of fish. Those who are pregnant will still have to take into consideration that it is important to have all seafood properly cooked or frozen before consuming it. Without properly cooking/freezing shellfish before eating them, pregnant or otherwise, you could experience certain health issues which you will want to avoid altogether by following a couple simple rules.

The best thing you can do when you are pregnant is to personally make sure that all shellfish you eat, including crab, is properly frozen or cooked so you will be able to make certain that you will not expose you or your child to anything unhealthy or potentially dangerous. By consuming crab that is allowed to cool before it is consumed, you are opening yourself and your child up to bacterial infections which can be quite serious. If you are going to eat crab you will have to make sure that it is prepared properly so you will not have to worry about any adverse health risks afterwards, some of which can be a real problem for the unborn child.

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