Is Celery a Diuretic?

Diuretics, the name for things which increase your bodies output of urine, have a number of medicinal uses. They can help alleviate problems with excessive water retention, as well as help the body to flush out toxic substances faster.

Some of the most powerful diuretics available are actually natural foods that are quite common, and one such food is celery.

There are several reasons why celery is such an excellent diuretic, including a chemical known as phthalide. In addition to having diuretic properties, phthalide also helps lower blood pressure by relaxing smooth muscle tissue in walls of your blood vessels.

Another interesting thing about celery which makes it one of the best diuretics available is that it contains ample amounts of sodium and potassium. Most diuretics rid the body of both sodium and potassium, but the body doesn’t naturally store potassium so you are at risk of becoming deficient unless you supplement it with something else. The natural potassium content of celery counteracts this and adds its own potassium into your body.

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