Is Broccoli Kosher For Passover?

According to Jewish law, food eaten for Passover must be kosher. This narrows down the list of foods that can be faithfully eaten during this time. So the question presents itself: is broccoli kosher for Passover? Most would say yes.

In short, there are two main guidelines The broccoli, or any vegetables, have to be completely free of insects. We can be sure that this is the case with produce purchased from your local grocery store, but be extra careful with produce purchased at a farmer’s market or obtained from a garden. Be sure to inspect this food carefully.

The vegetable must also be grown outside of Israel. Produce grown in Israel requires special care. Due to its Israel’s holy status, one must be absolutely certain that food grown in this country has met the tithing requirements. Otherwise it is not kosher to eat for Passover. Considering the level of challenge present in ensuring this practice has taken place, in order to be on the safe side of kosher, it will be best to only eat vegetables that come from other countries.

There are, however, some followers of this faith who choose to follow stricter guidelines. These people will not eat fresh or frozen vegetables because of what they may have contained or because because the tools used for preparation may not have been in cooperation with the laws of Passover. Even if foods have been certified friendly for this holy day, some choose not to partake of it. This choice is strictly individual, but to be on the safe side check with your rabbi or others who have a good concept of the law to see where you believe you should stand. The answer isn’t something you will find in an article, but is your own individual choice.

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