Is Broccoli Better Than Spinach?

In short – everybody wins! Broccoli has higher fiber content and overall, spinach is more nutrient dense. But if we look at things according to weight, it’s easy to see that spinach has lots to offer – even more than broccoli. It is richer in iron, folate and Vitamin A. But good ole broccoli has more Vitamin C and calcium! The best part? Both vegetables contain glucosinolates. What’s that? Basically, glucosinolates are a group of warriors doctors believe will detoxify those nasty carcinogens in our systems. In short, they increase your resistance to cancer. And you can’t beat that!

So how do you get the most benefits from these veggies? I’d say eat both. They’re both too good to pass up and together they’ll work to keep away Old Mr. Cancer and provide the nutrients your body needs to be healthy, strong, and – ultimately – happy. And like they say – variety is the spice of life!

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