Is Broccoli Bad For Hamsters?

Broccoli is absolutely safe for your hamster, but you may want to start him out slowly. Too much too soon can lead to digestive problems, including and especially diarrhea. Once this vegetable has been integrated into its diet, it shouldn’t take up more than ten percent or you may experience those same complications.

Any new food should be introduced to these tiny tummies slowly – perhaps by giving them a small amount one day and then skipping a day or two. After their systems adjust to this, you can continue feeding it to them in moderation, being careful to continue feeding your hamster just as much or more in protein.

Also be sure to rinse any food not meant for your hamster with water. In the case of fruits and veggies, this will ensure that your pet isn’t ingesting pesticides that are completely foreign to its system and are not meant to be safely ingested.

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