Is Broccoli Bad For Guinea Pigs?

Broccoli isn’t only not bad for your guinea pig, it’s actually very good for them. Unlike most animals, guinea pigs cannot make their own vitamin c, even though it’s just as important to their diet. So these animals must be fed this vitamin through outside sources. Although quality food designed specifically for your pet will normally contain vitamin c, it is often not enough. Some other foods that can provide this for your animal are oranges, cabbage, carrots and applies. But just like humans, these little guys have their own likes and dislikes when it comes to food. A little experimentation may be necessary.

Keeping this in mind, broccoli is a good stand-by. Although it may leave your pet a little gassy, one cup of broccoli has as much vitamin c in it as one orange. So in order to protect your guinea pig from diseases they can develop due to lack of this important vitamin, a good dose of broccoli may be just the preventative measure the doctor ordered.

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