Is Broccoli Bad For Cats?

While most people just feed their cats cat food, DIY projects are growing in popularity in many circles. In preparing food for your pet, or even in just allowing him or her to eat human food in general, the question is bound to come up – what food is bad for my pet?

Broccoli is a found in kitchens across the world, and perhaps in cat dishes as well. And this food, in moderation, is good for your cat. However, if that amount should exceed 10-25% of their diet, the safety becomes questionable. At this rate of ingestion, a toxin known as isothiocyanate can cause gastrointestinal complications and can make your cat sick or, in extreme cases, worse.

Fortunately, most people wouldn’t feel the need to feed a cat this much broccoli and, due to most cats craving veggies and meat, a cat would be unlikely to eat that much broccoli anyway. So stick with small amounts. The toxins will be sure not to harm your animal and the bioflavinoids found in broccoli will, in fact, be beneficial.

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