Is Asparagus High In Folic Acid?

Asparagus is indeed high in folic acid and there are many benefits to getting folic acid from the foods you eat. Folic acid plays a very important role in overall health and research has proven that it can actually prevent colon cancer if it is ingested enough on a regular basis. Those who have certain inflammatory issues such as with bowel cancer can definitely benefit from getting more folic acid in their systems.

Besides protecting against cancer from forming in the body, folic acid also helps the brain by regulating levels of homocysteine and keeping them high. It has been proven that high amounts of folic acid can actually act as an anti-depressant. There have been numerous studies which have been done involving folic acid and almost all of them suggest that it is highly beneficial for us in a number of ways. Asparagus is just one food that is high in folic acid which you will want to eat lots of on a regular basis.

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