Is Asparagus A Superfood?

Asparagus is in fact considered to be a superfood because of the fact that it has so many different health/nutritional benefits. This vegetable has many of the things which our bodies need in order to function properly, such as Vitamin K which helps to prevent excessive bleeding by producing blood clotting factors. There are also the high levels of folate in asparagus to consider. Folate is important for a number of reasons, including the fact that studies have proven that it can reduce the risk of stroke in certain people as well as helping pregnant women to remain as healthy as possible.

One of the other things that makes asparagus such a “superfood” is that it has lots of Vitamin C in it which is good protecting against cardiovascular disease along with promoting a healthy strong immune system. The high levels of Vitamin A in asparagus is just another reason to eat more of this vegetable because it is a vitamin which can also help to strengthen the immune system and promote healthy cell growth.

Perhaps one of the most valuable vitamins in this vegetable is B2 because it acts as a very powerful antioxidant, protecting the body against foreign bacteria and other things which can do it harm. Those who want to remain as healthy as possible will definitely want to consider getting more asparagus on a regular basis; it has a lot to offer your mind and body as a superfood.

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