How Long Can Strawberries Stay Out Without Going Bad?

Whether refrigerated or not, strawberries are best if eaten within 2 days of being purchased. To help them stay fresher on the counter, put a dry paper towel over the top. If they’re refrigerated they may last up to 3 days. Try lining a Tupperware container with paper towel and place a layer of strawberries on top. Cover this with another paper towel and then with the lid. Don’t wash or trim your berries until you’re ready to eat them.

When it comes to making your strawberries last longer, moisture is your enemy. If you’re considering preserving blueberries, they’ll keep for around a week, but raspberries and strawberries, even when refrigerated, are about the same – only a few days. And, of course, wherever you store them you’ll be certain they are bad if they turn soft or, worse yet, begin to mold.

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